Please provide following data when requesting your quotation, and our quotation team will offer a reasonable quotation within 3 days.

● Data required:
● 2D (dwg/dxf/pdf)
● 3D (stp/igs/x_t) part drawing,
● Cavity Number Requirement
● Plastic Material
● Desired Mold life
● Surface Finish Specification.

Please tell us your mold steel material requirement. If your uncertain, we will guide you to the right choice suitable based upon your Mold Life Requirement.
2.For RFQ
Our technical engineering team can support technical analysis and trouble-shooting of your unique mold design.
3. Order
Upon acceptance of our quotation and facility capabilities, we can sign a cooperation contract. You may issue your P.O. via email or facsimile. 
4. Project Management
A qualified English-speaking project engineer will be assigned to follow up on your project upon the receipt of your Purchase Order.    

DFM Report Example:

Moldflow Analysis Report Example:

5.Sample Diliver Management