Plastic CNC Machining

A wide range of plastics for CNC machining, with applications in multiple industries. Ideal for both one-off prototypes and end-use custom parts.

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High stiffness, low friction, and excellent dimensional stability


Browse POM material


High chemical and abrasion resistant, and Good Mechanical properties.


Browse Nylon material


Thermoplastic, excellent impact strength, good heat resistance, Easy to Machine.


Browse ABS material


High toughness, Excellent impact strength, and Good machinability.


Browse Polytheylene material


High toughness, High chemical, and Outstanding abrasion resistance.


Browse PPSU material


High-performance engineering thermoplastic, Great Heat resistance.


Browse PEEK material

PTFE (Teflon)

Excellent chemical and thermal resistance and the lowest coefficient of friction


Browse PTFE material


Thermoplastic with high toughness, excellent impact strength and Easy to Machine.


Browse PC material


Good toughness Excellent chemical and weather resistance


Browse PVC material

PMMA (Acrylic)

Transparent rigid plastic. Best plastic replacement for glass


Browse PMMA material


Clear, strong, and lightweight plastic featured With Excellent Wear Resistance.


Browse PET material


Thermoplastic polymer, High chemical and heat resistant.


Browse PP material


Plastic Mixed with glass Fiber, Flame resistant Feature.


Browse FR4 material


Outstanding thermal, mechanical, and electrical properties.


Browse PEI material

More About Plastic CNC Machining

STCNC Services for Plastic Material

STCNC has worked with engineered plastics materials since established 20+ years ago; we are working on plastic prototypes and batch productions daily. We also provide value-added services like painting, silk screen printing, engraving, and assembly.

Plastic CNC Machining

Plastic CNC machining uses computer-controlled machines(with milling, turning, drilling, etc.)to shape and cut plastic material into a desired shape or form. We usually can control tolerance from +/-0.05mm~ based on designs.

The Most Popular Plastic Materials in STCNC Machining

PVC, PE and Nylon are the most popular plastic materials in our factory based on the usage frequency of our customers’ products.

PTFE and PEEK are the good choices for products with high-performance requirements. 

STCNC sources all the Certificate-Available raw materials from ISO-Certificated suppliers.

Extended Services for Large Batch of Plastic Parts

Our head company SINO-MOLD can support your plastic molding needs for large batches of plastic parts. We can offer ONE-STOP Solutions for all your metal and plastic productions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A CNC machine for plastic materials is a computer-controlled manufacturing tool to create plastic parts. It uses precision cutting tools to remove material from a plastic block and can work with various plastic materials. CNC machines are used for plastic manufacturing applications, including prototyping, mold making, and production runs. They offer high accuracy, repeatability, and speed, making them an efficient and cost-effective solution for many plastic manufacturing needs.

The price of CNC machined plastic parts depends on the plastic material types, designs, and quantities, treatments. Send us an inquiry with the above details; you will get a detailed quotation, delivery date, and freight costs if needed.

Plastic CNC machining can create a wide range of parts and components, including:

  1. Enclosures and housings for electronic devices
  2. Automotive components, such as dashboard and interior parts
  3. Medical device parts, including surgical instruments and equipment
  4. Aerospace components, including cockpit instruments and parts
  5. Prototyping and production runs of consumer goods, such as toys and household items
  6. Industrial parts, including gears, bearings, and shafts
  7. Signage and displays, including letters and logos
  8. Packaging components, such as containers and trays
  9. Sports equipment parts, including bike frames and helmet components
  10. Electrical and electronic components, such as circuit board housings and connectors.