Metal CNC Machining

We offer a diverse selection of metals for CNC Machining, suitable for various industries. Our materials are well-suited for both prototype development and batch production of parts.

Metal CNC Materials






Low Density, high thermal and electrical conductivity.High corrosion-resistant


Browse Alumiumum material


Low-friction, good machinability, and excellent electrical conductivity.


Browse Brass material


High strength, flexibility, wear, and corrosion resistance.


Browse Stainless-Steel material

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High thermal and electrical conductivity,pinkish-orange color


Browse Copper material


Excellent strength-to-weight ratio, low density, High resistance to corrosion


Browse Titanium material


Low Carbon, Good ductility and weldability at Low Cost.


Browse Mild-steel Material

Tool Steel

High hardness, abrasion resistance 


Browse Tool-Steel material

Alloy Steels

Alloyed with a variety of other elements to improve hardness, toughness, fatigue, and wear resistance


Browse Alloy-Steel material

STCNC Metal CNC Machining Services

The Most Popular Metals in STCNC Machining

Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, and Aluminum are the most popular materials in our factory based on the usage frequency of our customers’ products. STCNC sources all the Certificate-Available raw materials from ISO-Certificated suppliers.

Rich Experience in High-Performance Metals Machining

STCNC can meet your machining needs on Particular Material types, e.g., W360 ISOBLOC® Tool Steel, CALMAX Tool Steel, Inconel® Alloy 600, Alloy7050-T7451, CK67 Spring Steel; Caldie; Titanium Alloy ASTM B843 Gr.2, etc.

Material Selection Suggestions

Working with STCNC for your custom parts, you will get professional suggestions for Material Selection. Just send us the drawings and tell us what functions you need; we suggest the materials suitable for machining based on your requirements.

Treatments on Specific Materials

STCNC applies multiple surface finishing on different materials. And we are the expert on heat-treated steel machining, which can Minimize the Deformations after Heat Treatment to ensure the tolerances within requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Metal CNC machining is the process of using computer-controlled machines to produce metal parts with high precision and accuracy. It involves designing the part using CAD software, programming the CNC machine using CAM software, loading the metal material, and cutting and shaping it to produce the desired part. The process is commonly used in industries that require high precision and accuracy.

It depends on part designs and raw material and surface finishing you choose. STCNC offers moderate quotations for high quality parts and can give the suggestions based on your economic targets

Almost whatever components from your equipment can be processed by CNC machines. You design, we make it into reality!