Custom Mold with Ease, Speed, and Precision through CNC Machining

We specialize in providing reliable, high-quality CNC machining services for complex prototypes and small to large volumes of parts. With our in-house manufacturing capabilities and dedicated team of experts, we ensure consistent quality and quick turnaround times, with lead times as short as 5 days.

Our CNC Mold Services

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified factory, Sinomold Machining is committed to delivering top-notch precision machining services. With a diverse range of manufacturing capabilities, we offer high-quality solutions that span from prototyping to the production of geometrically complex parts. Our expertise enables you to expand your market with confidence and reliability.

CNC Milling

With over 10 CNC milling centers, including high-precision 4&5 axis machines, we achieve tight tolerances as low as 0.005mm

CNC Turning

Leverage our CNC turning centers, including multi CNC milling and turning centers, to enhance your business’s growth potential.

Wire EDM Machining

Our wire EDM cutting centers simplify the cutting of intricate shapes, achieving tolerances as low as 0.02mm or even finer.

Our Capabilities

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How STCNC Machining Work?

With over 20 years of manufacturing expertise, STCNC Machining provides optimal solutions for rapid prototyping and small-batch manufacturing requirements. Our streamlined process condenses innovation into three efficient and effective steps.

01 Get Your Quote &DFM Feedback

Reach out to us via email and upload your design. Our team of experts will conduct a thorough manufacturing feasibility analysis on your parts. We’ll provide suggestions to enhance efficiency, saving you valuable time and cost.

02 Start Massive Production

Upon receipt of your payment, we will commence production as per your specified requirements. Throughout the production process, we will diligently verify each specification with you to ensure the delivery of satisfactory parts.

03 Shipping Your Custom Parts

Once all parts successfully pass our rigorous quality inspection, they will be carefully packaged to prevent any damage during transportation. Additionally, we provide a 30-day warranty for your peace of mind.

Why Choose STCNC Machining?

STCNC transforms your brilliant concepts into exquisite art pieces through exceptional and responsive manufacturing. We excel in producing prototypes and custom parts, both simple and intricate, with our robust manufacturing capabilities. Rest assured, all our parts adhere to stringent tolerance and quality standards.

Powerful Factory Capabilities
5 axis machining our powerful capabilities
Play Video about 5 axis machining our powerful capabilities

Powerful Factory Capabilities

STCNC seamlessly integrates cutting-edge CNC machining technology with premium materials, ensuring consistent quality across a wide range of products, from rapid prototyping to mass production. 

Our extensive network of factories and partners boasts a comprehensive lineup of CNC machines, including CNC turning, multi-axis CNC milling, wire EDM machines, and more. By harnessing these powerful production capabilities, alongside our team of experienced experts with over 20 years of precision CNC machining experience, we optimize the quality of our products to the highest standards.

Rigorous Quality Control
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Rigorous Quality Control

With our rigorous quality inspection standards and SOP Quality Management System, STCNC ensures adherence to strict guidelines throughout the entire process.

From sourcing raw materials to mass production and final quality inspection, we maintain a meticulous approach.Additionally, we offer detailed product inspection reports to empower you in effectively managing the quality of your components.

7x24h Engineering Support
7x24h engineering supports

7x24h Engineering Support

Our professional and friendly engineers are dedicated to providing top-notch solutions throughout the CNC machining production process. Trust in their skills and knowledge as they guide you towards successful CNC machining production, turning your ideas into reality.

With their expertise, they offer valuable Design for Manufacturability (DFM) feedback, ensuring your designs align with strict industry standards. By collaborating closely with you, we enhance your designs, optimizing their manufacturability while reducing costs. Our engineers are committed to delivering exceptional results, helping you overcome any challenges that may arise.

Gallery of CNC Machining Parts

STCNC offers Prototyping and Low-Volume Manufacturing services for a wide range of industries, including aerospace, medical devices, consumer products, optical instruments, industrial automation, automotive parts, and more.

STCNC Machining Qualtiy Standard

As an ISO-certified company, we implement this standard across our production line to ensure quality control. With our rapid prototyping and batch production capabilities, we consistently meet our customers’ demands for enhanced accuracy and precision. Our state-of-the-art factories are equipped with advanced production and measurement equipment, guaranteeing that each part is tailored to your specific requirements.

1-on-1 Technical Support

Relying on our knowledgeable engineers and technicians, STCNC is fully confident that their expertise, along with our 24/7 personalized professional service, will effectively address any technical issues you might face. Simply place your order and leave the rest to us – we’ll ensure timely delivery of your Parts.

Inspection Reports

We provide comprehensive quality documentation, including First Article Inspection and Size Inspection Reports, upon request. These records validate our products’ adherence to specifications, offering detailed information on measurements and test results.

ISO9001:2015 Certificated

STCNC strictly follows ISO9001:2015 quality standards, sourcing ISO9001-certified raw material suppliers. Our advanced processing technology, professional engineers, and standardized production processes ensure superior-quality products through rigorous quality inspection.


Our factories rigorously comply with industry standards for thread specifications and tolerances. We follow ISO 2768 (m/f) for metal parts, 2768-m for plastic parts, as well as ISO and ANSI/ASME standards for thread requirements.

Customer Data Base

Following our initial collaboration, we will compile a comprehensive file for your First Order, encompassing all the necessary details. This file will enable us to enhance the efficiency of future projects, while also ensuring consistent delivery of high-quality parts for your benefit.

Rework&Refund Policy

If the parts do not meet the specified tolerance and specifications, please reach out to us within five business days of receiving them. We will promptly provide solutions within 1-3 business days to address any issues that may arise.

Wide Range of Industries We Served

STCNC ensures top-notch quality across all production scales, from low-volume prototyping to large-scale manufacturing. Whether it’s high-precision aerospace assembly or producing parts for automotive and consumer goods, we employ a diverse range of materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to cater to the unique requirements of various industries.

Medical Devices
medical devices applications

Medical Devices

We prioritize precision, quality, and reliability. Our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced team ensure repeatability and adherence to your specifications. 

We are ISO 13485 certified, meeting the stringent quality standards required in the medical device industry. Our commitment to timely delivery and competitive pricing sets us apart, making us your trusted partner for all CNC machining requirements.”Read More

automotive applications


Stcnc Machining are fully equipped to meet the high-volume part production needs of automotive enterprises.

We pride ourselves on our fast delivery, being able to fulfill orders in as little as five days. Simultaneously, our products exhibit exceptional precision, with an accuracy up to 0.005mm, ensuring your components are manufactured to the highest standards.Read More

5 axis machining our powerful capabilities


Stcnc understand the challenges faced by the aerospace industry. Our CNC services deliver unparalleled precision and quality, meeting strict tolerances up to 0.005mm. Our ISO 9001:2005-certified quality management ensures regulatory compliance and long-term reliability.

We source and work with industry-specific materials to endure extreme conditions. We’re prepared to handle complex supply chains, promising lead times as short as five days. Despite these high standards, we maintain cost-effectiveness to support your budget needs. Stay ahead with our commitment to technological advancement in aerospace manufacturing.Read More

Optical Instruments
optical equiment

Optical Instruments

Our CNC machining services deliver exceptional precision, ensuring flawless performance of your instruments. We handle delicate materials with utmost care and manufacture complex geometries with ease. 

Whether it’s large-scale production or small custom batches, we offer cost-effective solutions with swift lead times. Our robust quality assurance process guarantees consistent adherence to specifications. Stay at the forefront of optical technology with our commitment to innovation and adaptability.Read More

Consumer Goods
consumer goods

Consumer Goods

Meeting the distinctive needs of the 3C electronics industry, our CNC machining services deliver superior precision and consistent quality, even for miniaturized components. We expertly handle a variety of materials, adapting to your specific product needs. 

We offer rapid prototyping and high-volume manufacturing capabilities to keep pace with the fast-changing 3C market. Despite our high standards, we provide cost-effective solutions to support your budget needs. Further, our commitment to environmentally-friendly practices ensures compliance with stringent environmental regulations, offering you a competitive advantage.Read More

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